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Spiced Apple Cake with Cider Honey Glaze


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Mar 19, 2024
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Spiced Apple Cake with Cider Honey Glaze

This super moist Apple Cake is studded with fresh diced apples throughout, bursting with spiced cinnamon and nutmeg flavor. With Mediterranean inspiration, this rustic cake features extra-virgin olive oil and Greek yogurt for a healthier option. Apple cider is reduced for concentrated apple flavor, used both in the batter and mixed with honey and spices for a finishing glaze.

Inspired by Milopita, or Greek Apple Cake, this cake features the Mediterranean standards for baking – extra-virgin olive oil and Greek yogurt, which both add healthy fat and protein to the mix. The rustic Italian apple cake Torta di Mele also uses extra-virgin olive oil in the batter. The earthy, rich flavor of the oil is so lovely with the sweet apples. This cake is healthy enough for breakfast with hot coffee, but delicious enough for a rustic dessert!

Not only that, but the oil add tons of moisture to the cake. Because olive oil stays liquid at room temperature, using it instead of butter in cakes and quick breads leads to a result that stays moist in texture for days at room temperature.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I have an armada of baked goods that use olive oil in them (see below).

...GET THE RECIPE for Spiced Apple Cake with Cider Honey Glaze!
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