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Rainmaking Recommendation #275: How To Create Your Goals and Build a Big Book of Business this Year!


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Mar 19, 2024
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We are already more than a week into the new year – do you have a written Rainmaking plan? If not, why not?

Do you schedule time every day to do at least one Rainmaking Activity?

As a Rainmaking coach and a trainer, I cannot force you to do what you need to do. I can only motivate and educate you. You must find the motivation to do the necessary tasks to advance your practice.

The one thing I have learned the hard way is that it is not motivation then action. It’s acting, and then you will have motivation. And motivation comes from having goals.

These goals must be worthwhile to you. So whether your goals are to make partner, earn more money, make enough to go on more vacations, create a life you want, or whatever reasons you may have, they have to have meaning to you.

Just use the oft-quoted acronym: SMART when determining your goals:

S = Specific: Be very specific about the goals you want to achieve

M = Measurable: Can you put a number or another measurement to this goal?

A = Actionable: Is this something that you can take action on?

R = Realistic: Will you be able to achieve this goal? If a goal is unrealistic, you will tend to beat yourself up if you don’t achieve it.

T = Time Bound: Your goals must have a deadline. If they don’t, then it becomes only a dream.

And there is one more letter that is not often used by others, but I have added over the years:

Y which stands for YOU and WHY?

Is it YOUR goal, or is it a goal you think you should be accomplishing because someone else thinks you should? And you must have a reason WHY you want to achieve this goal. If you don’t, will NEVER have the motivation to accomplish it.

If the goal is because someone else wants you to achieve it, but you do not have a desire, it will never happen. WHY do YOU want to accomplish this goal? Sometimes the reason can be negative (if I don’t finish this brief, I will be fired is a very good reason to finish – unless you don’t mind being fired), but you should make your goals positive.

Use the SMARTY goal formula and start accomplishing you goals for 2023


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