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Pheromone Traps


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Mar 19, 2024
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Pheromone Traps or light traps is an alternative to trap crops and that is instantly implemented is pheromone traps. These traps are commercially available in the market. The traps to be installed in the garden/fields to trap specific insects. Proper trap to be installed based on the needs and monitoring stops major damage occurring to the crop.

Pheromone is organic molecule that trigger behavioral response from same species individual and can be used to communicate between of same or opposite sex. Pheromone work on mating disruption, mass trapping of insects there by controlling

Traps should be installed in place with good air flow to allow pheromone to attract insects where there is pest problem. Generally the lures will be effective from 30-40 days and should be replaced with new lure later.
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