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Norwegian Heart Waffles (Vafler)


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Mar 19, 2024
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Norwegian Heart Waffles (Vafler)

This Norwegian Waffles recipe, or Vafler, are heart-shaped and decadent, flavored with cardamom. They’re perfect for breakfast on Valentine’s day or Christmas morning, and they freeze well for making them in a large batch. I love serving them with Norwegian gjetost (brunost) cheese and lingonberry or raspberry jam for a delicious Scandinavian breakfast!

These are a tradition for my family on Christmas morning for as long as I can remember. I usually only make them once a year for a special treat, and this year I was able to snap a few photos so I can finally share this family recipe with you – just in time for Valentine’s day (perfect, since they’re heart-shaped!).

Norwegian Waffles are rich, dense, fragrant, and absolutely delicious. If you’ve never had them, they’re not similar in any way to Belgian waffles. While Belgian waffles are light and fluffy, these waffles are quite dense and rich. They’re flavored with vanilla and cardamom, a floral and aromatic spice common in Scandinavian baking.

This recipe makes a large batch of waffles, and since they freeze beautifully, you’ll likely be able to enjoy them for at least a couple weeks after making them.

...GET THE RECIPE for Norwegian Heart Waffles (Vafler)!
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