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NMS Brings Café Delgga to Life


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Mar 19, 2024
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Where Tradition Meets Modern Convenience

When UAA entrusted us with the transformation of the former Daily Grind café, we had a clear mission: blend Alaska Native culture seamlessly into the café’s identity and offer a space that is both contemporary and inviting.


At NMS, we don’t just serve food; we create experiences. Café Delgga, our latest venture at the heart of the University of Alaska Anchorage campus, isn’t your typical coffee shop. Translated as “raven,” it pays homage to the very land upon which UAA stands, embodying the essence of Alaskan heritage in every cup of Kaladi Brothers Coffee and every comforting bowl of hot soup served.

NMS’ divisional marketing team collaborated closely with UAA Professor Donita Slawson, the insightful minds at the UAA Alaska Native Studies program, and the voices of Eklutna Native Village. Together, we meticulously designed every facet of Café Delgga, from its name to its interior, ensuring it not only honored the Denai’na people but reflected the essence of our local surroundings.

But Café Delgga isn’t just a testament to cultural respect; it’s a haven for the UAA community. We understood the need for speed, health, and deliciousness in every offering. Hence, our retail experience was curated to cater to the fast-paced lives of students and faculty. Quick, wholesome, and delightful food options await, made even more convenient with our seamless integration of payment systems with university meal cards. Less waiting, more indulging!

This project isn’t just about blending traditional values with modern solutions; it’s about setting a new standard. We aren’t your run-of-the-mill food and facilities management provider. We are NMS – an Alaska Native-owned company with a passion for infusing culture into every operation. We understand that honoring heritage is our commitment. And at NMS, commitment translates into unparalleled experiences.

Café Delgga isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional dining experiences. Experience the blend of tradition and convenience at Café Delgga. Because at NMS, we don’t just bring food to the table; we bring stories, heritage, and a taste of the extraordinary.
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