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New Metal on Our Radar: Astrit, Takatak, Coordinates and More


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Mar 19, 2024
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Coordinates, Urvi, Aaditya, Here Before

“Amrit” by Astrit

Hailing themselves as a “Hindustani heavy music,” Mumbai band Astrit’s debut single “Amrit” is about as promising as they come in modern metal. Comprising vocalist Chiranjiv Rajan’s impassioned Hindustani classical voice with guitarist-producer Shamik Debnath along with drummer and lyricist Varchas Sinha, “Amrit” makes it clear that India’s rivers are choked and humanity must change perspectives if they are to keep their perennial sources of water alive. The band weaves together a straightforward gut-punch in that sense, taking aim how rivers are often revered but at the same time, polluted.

“Let You Know” by Takatak

From across the border, Lahore metallers Takatak return with a buoyant, catchy prog offering with “Let You Know.” Firing on all cylinders when it comes to manic melodies, visceral growls as well as vocal hooks, Takatak are defiant and resolute, picking up right where they left off with their album Acrophase as well as their 2021 single “Backseat.”

“Compromised” by Aaditya Goswami, Urvi

Indian-origin, U.K. artists Aaditya Goswami and Urvi Bhattacharya team up to raise prog metal mayhem on “Compromised,” a song that lyrically draws from an impending sense of doom for Earth. With a few references to Goswami’s previous track “Voyager” (2020), this new song also features drumming from Assam-based Nishant Hagjer. Pulling in several directions vocally and melodically, there’s a grandiosity that is also leading up to Goswami’s upcoming EP, while this is Urvi’s latest release after her 2021 single “Pantomime.”

“Riptide” by Frostcraft

Bengaluru-based rock/metal band Frostcraft return after about four years with their latest single “Riptide” and it’s everything that mirrors the return of a nu-metal and an early 2000s rock sound across the globe. With tunneling guitar leads, a hint of electronica and classic choruses that stick in your head, Frostcraft have come back strong.

“Shaitan” by The Lost Symbols

Originating in Jalandhar in 2015 and having a couple of starts and stops along the way, rock/metal band The Lost Symbols have been on a prolific streak since 2021, when they released their debut album The Diary. Now based out of Jaipur, the band is prepping to release their fourth album in four years, Taysa. An AI-aided music video for “Shaitan” represents the heavy end of the spectrum, while their recent single “Myna” is more adorned with string arrangements and prog songwriting.

“I Am Aghor” by Mudrarakshas

Bengaluru-based metallers Mudrarakshas’ second single “I Am Aghor” shows off their modern metal, Lamb Of God-esque influences, while also building upon their mythology-themed universe. There’s a hint of death metal and black metal as well, heard in equal might on their debut single “Brahmastra.”

“Reckoning” by Necroscope

Shillong band Necroscope’s recent single “Reckoning” is every bit ominous and hard-hitting as the title would suggest. There’s a bit of djent which means there’s plenty to headbang along to in terms of breakdowns, but there’s also a deathcore edge that adds intensity.

“Wayfinder” by Coordinates

With a name like Coordinates, it’s no surprise to find that the prog rock/metal band’s latest release is called “Wayfinder.” There’s a deeper meaning, of course – one about the “impermanence of time” and saluting those who “offer support during moments of adversity.” In the world of Coordinates’ songwriting, one can hear hues of prog bands like Periphery, TesseracT and The Contortionist, powered by Italian producer Simone Pietroforte.

“Rise” by Here Before

From the first eardrum-shattering bass bomb that goes off, metalcore band Here Before’s debut single “Rise” exhibits a melodic and angsty character that can immediately recall bands like As I Lay Dying and their ilk. Comprising vocalist-bassist Ravneet Singh, drummer Ayush Sharma, guitarists Dushyant Yadav and Gunjan Soral, Here Before fit right into the modern metal space. The real test, however, will remain in delivering something that breaks away from tried and tested metalcore formats that have ruled the airwaves for decades now.

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