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Mini Blueberry Scones


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Mar 19, 2024
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Mini Blueberry Scones

These mini blueberry scones are such a fun and delicious treat! If a blueberry muffin, a southern-style biscuit, and a bakery scone were able to somehow combine forces, this would be the result. These are buttery and soft, with pops of sweetness from the fresh blueberries (though you can use frozen if you want). And because they are small in size, this batch makes a ton (more than three dozen!) that you can easily stash in your freezer for when the mood strikes!

Fair warning: scones can be a bit finicky to make. The dough tends to be both dry and sticky at the same time and can be kind of hard to shape. But the good thing? This batch makes a TON (so your hard work will be rewarded with sooooo many mini scones!). And they’re kind of fun in a messy way!

And regardless of how the scones look in the end, these end up being so delicious. Similar to biscuits, you can gather any scraps that didn’t quite shape up well, reform them, and reshape them.

I love making a batch of these and keeping them in my freezer for when the mood for a blueberry scone strikes.

...GET THE RECIPE for Mini Blueberry Scones!
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