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Maple Cinnamon Pudding


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Mar 19, 2024
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Maple Cinnamon Pudding

This Maple Cinnamon Pudding takes 10 minutes to make and tastes just like a snickerdoodle cookie in pudding form! It’s refined sugar free, sweetened only with maple syrup, and is a perfect gluten-free make ahead dessert. It comes out luxuriously thick and creamy every time and is so easy to make from scratch!

I originally shared this recipe in June, 2015 on my blog with a big announcement: that we were moving from Salem, MA to Austin, TX. And so it only seemed appropriate to revamp this post with new photos, improved instructions, and a similar announcement…

We’re moving back to New England! More specifically, to Rhode Island. In March! We’ve been busy packing, our house is being listed this week, and things have been generally a bit crazy over here. But we are over the moon excited to bring our little family up to the land of seasons and stuff our faces with as much seafood as possible.

And what better way to celebrate a New England homecoming than with a recipe heavy on pure maple syrup?

...GET THE RECIPE for Maple Cinnamon Pudding!
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