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Large Industrial Base Plate and Sole Plate Manufacturer | Custom Engineering


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Mar 19, 2024
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Custom Engineering is a Large Industrial Base Plate and Sole Plate Manufacturer​

Custom Engineering has the capacity to take on large-scale industrial manufacturing jobs at our 200,000 square foot facility. One of our areas of focus is serving as a base plate and sole plate manufacturer for industries including Oil and Gas. With state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, we can handle large scale sole plate and base plate manufacturing jobs entirely in-house. We are trusted to make durable, heavy-duty industrial plates and we source the carbon and stainless steels that go into their production.

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Contract Custom Engineering to Manufacture Durable Sole Plates​

Do you need a sole plate manufactured for use in a petrochemical, power generation, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing environment? If so, Custom Engineering can manufacture it. We know that equipment in these industries requires corrosion resistance and lasting durability. Our materials and manufacturing processes will ensure your custom sole plate provides both of these qualities.

ISO Certified and Manufacturing Custom Base Plates for Offshore Drilling Rigs​

If your company needs a base plate or sole plate for an offshore rig, we have thorough experience in manufacturing them. At Custom Engineering we are an ISO certified base plate manufacturer that knows what it takes to build plates that are durable enough for offshore drilling environments and confirm that their quality meets the needs of their intended environment. We are aware that these plates can be exposed to extreme weather events and frequent contact with salt water. By using durable materials and having the ability to apply EPA-approved protective paint, we can help protect our base plates and sole plates from corrosion. While offshore rigs in some geographies can be exposed to high temperatures and things like hurricanes and tropical storms, other plates are in colder environments. For these scenarios, we have methods for manufacturing these plates to withstand temperatures that can drop below -40°F. The minimum temperature our plates can handle will be determined by the material we fabricate them with.

We Can Fabricate Custom Base Plates Weighing Up to 160,000 Pounds​

Contracting Custom Engineering for base plate and sole plate manufacturing allows you to take advantage of our enormous facility. Our 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space provides us with the bandwidth needed to manufacture large industrial base plates and sole plates that can weigh up to 160,000 pounds. Our team is also precise enough to manufacture plates all the way down to 1,000 pounds. With such a wide variety of weights we can work with, there are few jobs for which we are not the ideal base plate and sole plate manufacturer to contract.

Completing Base Plate and Sole Plate Manufacturing In-House Including AWS Welding​

We have the capacity, skilled employees, and experience needed to handle production completely in-house. From sourcing materials to completing AWS certified welding of base and sole plates and performing ISO certified quality inspection work, Custom Engineering does it all. As a custom base plate and sole plate manufacturer, we know the value of completing jobs in-house. Doing so allows us not only to control the manufacturing process and ensure quality, but it also allows us to meet our guarantees for prompt turnaround time. If you need a large industrial sole plate or base plate made quickly and with quality assured, turn to Custom Engineering.

Get Your Completed Base Plate or Sole Plate Delivered on Time​

In addition to our prompt in-house industrial plate manufacturing, we can handle the delivery of your base plate or sole plate. Upon request, we can shrink wrap and crate your newly manufactured plate and coordinate its successful delivery. Given the level of effort we put into manufacturing quality sole plates and base plates, we take pride in guaranteeing this quality up until delivery to your facility or installation site. If you prefer to handle transit internally, coming to our Erie, PA facility to pick up your sole or base plate is our standard option.

If you are curious to learn more about delivery solutions, be sure to and our team when you contact us to provide your drawings and request a sole or base plate manufacturing quote.

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