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Innovation at NMS Amidst Rising Customer Demands and Workforce Shortages


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Mar 19, 2024
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In an era of ever-increasing customer demands, a persistent workforce shortage, and evolving technology, NMS is seizing the moment to redefine the future of service delivery in our industry. With a dual focus on supporting our valued employees and elevating service excellence, NMS is proud to introduce three innovations we’ve incorporated into our operations.

Robotics in Action​

We’ve started to roll out robotics, called Servis, at select sites. It’s a great way to add kitchen support for our hard-working team members and provide the best service possible to our clients. These are state-of-the-art machines built with an advanced LiDar sensor and multiple cameras that navigate space intelligently, safely, and quickly. Servis reduces operational costs and enhances efficiency, making it a game-changer in the service industry

Automated Kitchen​

We installed a Just Baked Smart Bistro on the UAA campus. This automated kitchen dishes out scrumptious potstickers, pizza bites, and cinnamon rolls. What sets this innovation apart is its convenience to customers, who can effortlessly place orders directly from a user-friendly app.

Hydroponic Farm

In our continuous quest for innovation, NMS has established a groundbreaking partnership with the Space Farming Institute, a pioneer in indoor hydroponic farming. Together, we are researching and developing reliable year-round techniques for growing traditional plants, defying the limitations of seasonal agriculture.

As we forge into the future of service delivery, NMS remains dedicated to exceeding expectations, reducing costs, and supporting our exceptional team members. These transformative innovations are just the beginning of our journey to redefine service excellence in our industry.
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