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How to Serve and Impact Others: The Leadership Philosophy of Julie Vena


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Mar 19, 2024
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Join us as we dive into the world of leadership with Julie Vena, with more than 20 years of management experience in various service industries. On this episode of the Profit Roadmap podcast, we will uncover insights from her interview where she shared her journey and dedication to serving others.

Learn how Julie’s leadership philosophy is grounded in authenticity, purpose, and empowering others. Explore the practical tips and strategies that can help you prioritize the client experience in your own business to:

  • Better serve your clients in the coaching and implementation realm
  • Strive for hurtful truths over comforting lies to improve
  • Learn about training strategies for home service companies

Julie’s Leadership Roots​

Leadership is a fascinating and ever-evolving topic, with many different philosophies and approaches. What does it truly mean to lead with purpose and impact others?

Julie Vena is a thought leader in this space, with two decades of management experience in multiple service industries. Her interview on the Profit Roadmap podcast provided inspiring insights into her leadership journey and philosophy.

Leadership Philosophy​

At the core of Julie’s leadership philosophy is the desire to serve and leave people better than when she found them.

She believes that even small gestures, such as smiling at someone in the hallway, can make a big impact. To Julie, leadership is not about the title or position, but rather, about the behavior and actions that inspire others.


One of the key themes in Julie’s interview was the importance of authenticity in leadership. She shared how her work focuses on helping business owners find their own unique voice and style.

For Julie, being authentic means leading with vulnerability and being willing to make mistakes. She believes that leaders who are not afraid to show their humanity and connect with others on a personal level are the ones who truly inspire.

Knowing The “Why”​

Another fundamental aspect of Julie’s philosophy is empowering others. She shared how she helps clients identify their employees’ “why” and how this knowledge can be leveraged to motivate and retain them.

Julie also emphasized the importance of leaders knowing their own “why” and communicating it to their team. When employees feel supported and invested in, they perform better and make customers happier, resulting in a more holistic approach to service.

Perfecting The Client Experience​

Julie believes the client experience is paramount. Julie’s various roles have worked to protect and serve the client experience, a job she’s passionate about. She focuses on coaching and implementation, with a focus on helping clients grow their businesses and improve their leadership skills.

Training Programs​

Julie likes to develop dynamic and intuitive training programs that really focus on all of the positions in a home service company, whether that be CSR, dispatch, leadership, operations and marketing. “It’s an incredible curriculum,” Julie said.

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