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Empowering Service Businesses Through Innovative Software Strategies


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Mar 19, 2024
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On this episode of the Profit Roadmap podcast, Ryan and Bekah chat with Dawn Wasicek, Principal Consultant, and Jenny Benbrook, CEO, of Powerhouse Consulting Group.

In this episode, Dawn and Jenny share their valuable insights and proven strategies that will help you:

  • Leverage service management software for growth
  • Train your team for success
  • Discover why trusted partners matter
  • And so much more!


Jenny has spent the last 16 years working in HVAC, but loves working with a variety of different home services industries.

She has seen firsthand how important the right software is for service industries, and how using that software can make a huge difference.

Dawn has a unique background working in several different industries before coming into the HVAC world about 10 years ago.

She loves helping industries streamline operations and use software more effectively.

The Importance of a Solid Foundation​

When using a service management software, Jenny and Dawn both talked about how important it was to have a solid foundation.

As Jenny said, “It’s not just getting the data over and getting live, but thinking through your workflows. What needs to change in order to maximize the software?”

Dawn expanded further and talked about how lots of contractors rush through the implementation process and don’t get much past the basics of the software.

Ongoing Management and Training​

In order to maximize service software you have to have a deep understanding of training and management.

Jenny talked about how beyond the foundation you have to have a process in place for documentation, training plans, and ways to overcome additional challenges as the company scales.

When you have that all in place it makes it easier to hire new people, serve more clients, and grow the business even faster.

The Role of a Trusted Partner​

Jenny and Dawn both talked about how busy service business owners are and how a trusted partner can be a game changer when it comes to software.

That partner can serve as a “fiduciary” for the business, understanding the unique needs and challenges, and providing tailored solutions to maximize the software’s capabilities.

As Dawn mentioned, “We do have a phrase here at Powerhouse that I kind of coined, and that’s ‘ask me how I know.’ And that’s because we’ve been there. We do understand, we understand how hard it is, but also we can help get them over that hurdle.”

Embracing Emerging Technologies​

Beyond the software itself, the Powerhouse team also talked about the importance of leveraging technology to enhance communication, collaboration, and efficiency.

And even though AI is a huge buzzword right now, it is important for service businesses to brace these new technology trends.

As Jenny said, “Embracing technology, embracing automation and embracing AI, even though it’s really scary, at least it is to me, it’s a beautiful thing in the industry.”

Ultimately, technology is really about helping businesses get more done and leverage their true capabilities.

The Benefits of Optimization​

By optimizing service management software and embracing the power of technology, service businesses can unlock new levels of growth, profitability, and work-life balance for their teams.

The Powerhouse team said that the best way to do this is by taking a strategic, holistic approach that puts the unique needs of the business front and center.

From there, it is so much easier to make a plan that will help businesses achieve their goals for revenue, growth, and other important key performance indicators (KPIs).

Improving Communication and Collaboration​

One area where technology can have a significant impact is in boosting communication and collaboration within the service business.

Jenny and Dawn emphasized the value of leveraging features like two-way texting, instant messaging, and shared access to job information.

By improving communication, service businesses can ensure that critical information is shared across the organization, from the office to the field.

This can lead to better coordination, faster response times, and more satisfied customers.

Maximizing the Ecosystem​

In addition to optimizing the core service management software, the Powerhouse team talked about the importance of understanding and leveraging third-party integrations.

As Jenny said, “If there is not a native ability to do something within the software, where do we go next? Chances are there’s a third-party technology partner ready to solve that problem.”

By exploring the full range of software and integration options, service businesses can tailor their technology stack to address their unique needs and challenges.

Ultimately this helps maximize efficiency, improve data visibility, and a more streamlined operation.

The Power of Data-Driven Insights​

Finally, the Powerhouse team talked about the massive potential of data-driven insights that come with using the right service management software.

Jenny and Dawn talked about the importance of establishing proper data management practices and workflows to ensure that the data flowing into the software is accurate and reliable.

When you do that you can unlock valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making and drive continuous improvement.

Learn More​

Want to learn more about Powerhouse Consulting Group? Be sure to visit their website to find lots more information about her and her coaching business.

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