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Craig Billingsley – NANA Shareholder Spotlight


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Mar 19, 2024
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Craig Billingsley, a proud NANA Shareholder, wears many hats at NMS, currently serving as the Director of Operations for the FFM division. His journey to this role is marked by a passion for soccer, a knack for web development, and a deep-rooted connection to Alaska.


Growing up in Eagle River, Alaska, soccer was Craig’s world. He excelled in school and played for the well-respected AK United Youth comp team until a senior-year injury led him to bid farewell to his cleats. After graduating from Chugiak High School, Craig pursued his passion for web design at the Art Institute of Dallas (AID), immersing himself in the ever-evolving realm of web development.

After attending the AID, you could find Craig at the Joule – a Luxury Collection hotel in the heart of Dallas, Texas. He worked there through 2009, where he got firsthand experience on the ins and outs of hotel management.

Craig had an entrepreneurial spirit and put his hotel and web experience to use with contracting jobs in the Lone Star State before moving back to Alaska.

In 2010 a Web Developer job opened at NANA Development Corporation (NDC) and with that opportunity Craig moved back home. During his time with NDC IT Craig helped implement applications like Taleo, and supporting public-facing websites of NANA Regional & NANA Development Corporation and its Alaska based companies.

In the following decade, Craig went onto several positions at NDC within the Human Resources Department as the HRIS Manager. Craig oversaw data management, onboarding and compliance reporting for the commercial sector companies. He was also responsible for developing data integration mappings in partnership with IT to connect the various systems to allow for a seamless flow of data.

In 2020, Craig joined the NMS team as Director of Operations for the FFM division, which is part of the FFM leadership’s goal of developing Shareholders for leadership positions. He oversees NMS Healthcare Foodservice accounts like the Manilliaq Association, Southcentral Foundation Detox Center, Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, Marlow Manor, and the Alaska Psychiatric Institute.


Craig’s background in tech and hospitality come together to bring new services to his clients. He’s always looking at operations through a digital lens – how can we make something more efficient? How can we use technology to empower our team members ability to deliver services to patients, residents and community? For example, he’s looking into implementing digital HACCP within his units to remove the need for paper logs and storage.

For Craig, his time at NANA and NMS has been a family affair. It’s a place where he’s literally grown up. His mother Deb Billingsley worked for NANA for 30 years. He has early memories of coming into the office when he was young, biking to his soccer practices, then biking back to NANA. And his brother, Eric Billingsley, served as NANA’s VP of Operations and NMS President.

When he’s not transforming the landscape of service delivery, you’ll find Craig snowboarding down Alaskan slopes, exploring scenic trails on his fat tire bike, or jet-setting to destinations worldwide. His next adventure? Europe, where he plans to attend a friend’s wedding.

Craig Billingsley’s story at NANA and NMS exemplifies a perfect blend of heritage, passion, and innovation. As he continues to make waves in the tech and hospitality realms, his vision and expertise are steering NMS toward a future powered by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled client experiences.

Craig’s Iñupiaq names: Misuk – To Dip; Anugi – windy/stormy

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