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A Truly Delicious Green Smoothie


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Mar 19, 2024
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A Truly Delicious Green Smoothie

This green smoothie is truly delicious – I promise, you’ll actually look forward to eating it and your body will thank you for it! This green smoothie is packed with spinach and even cucumber, but balanced with the two things bitter greens need most: fat and sugar. Bananas, pineapple, apple, and mango add vital sweetness and tons of nutrition, and a little avocado adds a vibrant green color as well as healthy fats.

Since splurging on a Vitamix blender, I can’t seem to stop making smoothies. And these green smoothies are my favorite kind to make – I’ve been having one in the morning every day for the past couple weeks and I can’t tell you how energetic and healthy it makes me feel! The boost of energy is similar to having a cup of coffee.

My secret to the BEST green smoothie ever: fat and sugar. Bitter green veggies NEED them. It’s why I roast brussels sprouts with bacon and maple syrup, and why I massage kale salad with a sweet maple and olive oil vinaigrette. Fat and sugar balance out the bitter flavor of green veggies. And when you’re enjoying a smoothie, bitter is the last thing you want!

...GET THE RECIPE for A Truly Delicious Green Smoothie!
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