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5 Proven Ways to Boost Your HVAC Referral Program


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Mar 19, 2024
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How importantis your HVAC referral program to your HVAC business? And what strategies can you use to get more HVAC referrals?

The answer to question #1 is VERY important. In fact, 65% of new business opportunities come from referrals and recommendations.

We’re here to help you with the answer to #2. There are several proven strategies to help you gain more referrals, which in turn increases sales and keeps everyone happy!

In this article you’ll gain insight on how to

  • Build trust and loyalty with customers that can lead to referrals
  • Know when to ask for HVAC referrals
  • Offer a rewards program
  • Use leave behinds to stay relevant
  • Automate your referral process with service software

1. Build Trust and Loyalty​

A customer is only going to reward you with an HVAC referral if you go above and beyond expectations. Every job can end in a referral, so make it a priority to put your best foot forward day in and day out.

How can you increase your chances at earning their loyalty and trust? Here are a few ways:

  • Solve their problems and offer tiered options when purchasing equipment or services
  • Show up on time, and look professional – make sure your truck is organized and you’re wearing a uniform if required
  • Follow up after the job is completed with a text or email – ask for a review if the job went well

How do you keep customers for the long haul? In addition to great service, it’s important to come up with key values that separate your business from your competition.

How can you delight your customers and stand out from the rest of their clients?

  • Share relevant content on your blog posts and on social media. This may encourage them to share your services to their network. Plus, you’ll be viewed as an expert if you share helpful HVAC tips and tricks
  • Offer first-time customers a coupon or offer for the next time they do business with you. You might offer a discount on a service agreement to lock in a loyal customer.
  • Give them a unique leave behind item to keep your business in their thoughts (more on that later!)

Now you know how to encourage referrals from your customers, but what incentives can you offer?

Stat: 83% of consumers say they are willing to refer your business after a positive experience.

2. Offer a Reward Program​

Wouldn’t it be great that every time you hit the ball out of the park on a job the client rewarded you with an HVAC referral? Yes it would, but many times a customer will forget about giving you a referral as soon as the next fire alarm goes off at their business or things get busy at home.

Most times, customers need a push to make that referral. Enter a rewards program.

Many of your customers will need some kind of incentive to give you an HVAC referral. But it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Examples include discounts off the next month’s service, swag, tickets to a game or vouchers. Another incentive would be to give a discount (10% or 20%) on service agreements if they give you a referral.

This is a great way to ensure loyalty and get something in return for their efforts.

3. When to Ask For HVAC Referrals​

There are certain signs to look for when time is on your side. The knee jerk reaction is always to ask the customer for referrals at the end of a job when you feel like you exceeded expectations.

But this may not be the ideal time to ask for a referral, since the customer is focused on the money they owe you.

Look for other times to ask – maybe mid-project when the customer gives you a compliment on your service. Or perhaps the customer asks you to quote additional jobs because they are happy with the initial project. These are ideal times to pose your question: “Would you mind giving our business a referral?”

Email Surveys Create HVAC Referral Opportunities​

Another option is to send out a survey to your customers once the job is completed. Then you can take the customers that replied favorably and send them an email request for a referral.

Create a simple HVAC referral email template that you can send out to your best customers. You should include the following:

  • Start with something personal about your client that you know from your relationship. “How’s your daughter doing in college?” or “How do you like your new truck?” Something to break the ice and show that you care.
  • Mention the positive way they responded to the survey or any other feedback after the job. Also, ask if they know anyone that could benefit from your services.
  • Point them to a website to learn more about HVAC referrals and/or talk about your reward program
  • End with something mentioning the value of working with their business or family, and that you would like to get into their circle. For example: “Because we have done business together for so long and have the same values we would love to speak to one or two of your contacts who may also need (insert your services).”

A referral template is extremely helpful to capture new leads through referrals. None of your customers are going to jump through hoops to give you a good referral. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated: the simpler the better!

4. Lock In on Leave Behinds​

What can increase your chances at a referral and keep your business top of mind after a job is completed? Leaving behind a simple magnet, business card or some other small gift can keep your brand front and center and even highlight a referral offer.

Make sure to include your business name, logo and contact number/email on any piece of swag. Here are a few to consider:

  • Magnetic business cards or calendars
  • Magnetic chip clip closers
  • T-shirt
  • Hat
  • Pen
  • Ice scraper (for cold weather regions)
  • Custom candy
  • Coffee mug
  • Koozie

You’re shooting for something that will still be around in a few weeks (or even better months!) so they will be reminded of your services on a regular basis.

5. Automate HVAC Referrals with Service Software​

Using top shelf HVAC service software to run your referral program can help you make the most out of your referral efforts. Tracking HVAC referrals and sending automated follow up emails can make life easier for your staff and ensure you can keep up with your customers.

See how FieldEdge can help automate your referrals program and much more! Book your FREE personalized demo today!

Book a FieldEdge Demo!

You are now On Your Way to More Referrals!​

Remember, referrals are a great way to reach more potential customers and won’t take long to implement.

Use what you have learned in this blog to:

  • Build trust and loyalty with customers that can lead to referrals
  • Know when the best time is to ask for referrals
  • Offer a rewards program to thank your clients that provide HVAC referrals
  • Use leave behinds to remind your customers to keep you in mind
  • Automate your referral process with service software (such as FieldEdge!)

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